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Aircraft Pilot Licence – PPL (A)

A PPL (A) entitles the holder to pilot an aircraft for non-commercial purposes. It is the first step towards a commercial airline or military pilot licence.
Theoretical training – 105 hours.
Practical training – 45 hours of flight time + 2 hours flight exam.
Medical certificate – Aviation Class 2.
Age – 17 years.

The training program consists of two phases – theoretical and practical training. The theoretical part of the training is done remotely, so you have full control over the pace of your learning and can adapt the training to your schedule. You can register for the training individually, so you don’t have to fit into a training group.
Each theoretical training module contains detailed training material: texts, multimedia presentations and audio records. Our theoretical course is available in two languages, English and Lithuanian, so participants can choose their preferred language. The theoretical part of the course lasts – 105 hours.
At the end of the theoretical training, participants take an internal exam, which is required to receive a certificate. Our certificate is recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and opens the way to the national exam.
While learning the theoretical part, participants can also start the second phase – practical flying. The practical part of the training lasts 45 hours. During all the training, participants can interact directly with experienced instructors and discuss more challenging aviation issues. We want to point out that an important element before starting the practical training is that the participant must have an Aviation Medicine Certificate (Class II).

The PPL(A) theoretical training consists of the following subjects:
1. Air Law and Flight Procedures;
2. Human capabilities;
3. Radio communication LT/EN;
4. Meteorology;
5. Flight characteristics and planning;
6. Flight principles;
7. General knowledge of the aircraft;
8. Navigation;
9. Flight Operational Manual (FOM).

Practical training phase:
Practical training shall be carried out in accordance with a training program consisting of at least 45 hours of flight training in accordance with PART-FCL rules. Practical training may be done (optionally) with the following aircraft:
– Cessna 150
– PA 28
– Cessna 172

After the training at our training center, a practical test is held with a pre-assigned examiner.

What else you should know about the PPL(A) course?
The cost of the theoretical test can be found on the website of the Transport Competence Agency (Transporto kompetencijų agentūra).